Top 5 Family Feud Moments (Part 1)

Family Feud is one of those game shows that is timeless.  The show has been around since the 70’s.  As long as there is 100 people and a survey this show will continue to entertain the masses. Here are the Top 5 Moments in Family Feud history. This is only part 1.

#5 Fast Money Clean Sweep

I love Fast Money. Only number 1 answers allowed. This is where they separate the men from the boys or (ladies from the girls in this case). If you get over 100 points on Fast Money that is pretty good. Over 150 that is a round for the ages but getting a clean 200 points in one fast money round is epic.

#4 “Your Penis”

There have been a lot of stupid answers on Fast Money that could have left any game show host scratching their heads but this answer wasn’t that stupid and it stopped the show. Take a look.

#3 Shout out to KFC

Come on man. Any name that beings with a “K”. Kentucky Friend Chicken was the first thing that popped into your head. Thank you for being the poster child for America’s obesity problem.

#2 Rub and Tug

I’m starting to think that the minds behind these questions are kinda dirty. This was probably the funniest answer that I’ve heard to a Family Feud question.

#1 Richard Dawson Boss of All Bosses

Richard Dawson can do anything he wants. He dresses like a pimp and he is smooth as Skippy Peanut Butter. He can play grab ass with anyone he wants.


Theme Song Monday: The Proud Family

You know when you have Destiny’s Child doing your theme song its gonna be hot. I don’t think that Beyonce would have ever watched The Proud Family because honestly the show sucked. Theme song was fire. Enjoy!

Run For Cover, Lady GaGa has a Christmas Song

Well, the end of the world is officially upon us. For those of you thinking that this is guna be like another Mariah Carey singing All I Want For Christmas is You, you should probably get off this page now. Leave it to Lady Gaga to defile the name of Christmas and all that is holy. I’m pretty sure this is not guna be on the setlist when I go out caroling. But what can you really expect from someone that wears a dress made of meat? Well, nothing to do now but “Falalalalalalalala.”

If You Don’t Laugh at This, You Have No Soul

This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long ass time. Nothing better than two old ladies just bein old jammin out to the Black Eyed Peas on Photobooth. They’re so amazed by this shit you’d think they just discovered fire or some shit. It’s almost like when the song starts they’re timid about it trying to test it out like a dog smells something before it eats it, but then the chorus kicks in and they just start bumpin. The don’t have a care in the world other than that the camera makes them look ridiculous, and they fucking love it. Get me these old ladies I’d love to go to a rave with them or some shit.

P.S. the lady on the right’s dance moves are epic. She reminds me of that bird that jams to Another one bites the dust. Somebody arrange a dance-off between these two, my money’s on the lady, she’s years ahead of this thing.

No Days Off Saturday

This week we got a track off the SuperBad soundtrack. Every song from that movie is way underrated, and there’s a ton of speaker-smashers throughout the whole movie, you just don’t hear them because you’re too busy laughing your ass off. But after the thirteenth time watching it, I noticed this fresh tune. So here’s your song to get pumped to before you go to the party. You listen to this right before you go out and you’re guna walk around like you fuckin own the place all night long. Dice Raw & The Roots – Here I Come.

Fuck You Friday: Tony Parker

I was having a real hard time deciding who to do for Fuck You Friday today, until I came across this article that Eva Longoria filed for divorce from Tony Parker. Now that part is whatever, but as I’m scanning the article I see that HE FUCKING CHEATED ON HER. Like are you kidding me Tony Parker? You do know that you’re married to the Eva Longoria, right? You know, the goddess of a woman that’s been a spank bank staple for boys and men across the globe for decades? The Desperate Housewife that keeps the show alive with her bangin body and angel face? Jesus Tony figure it the fuck out. I don’t even need to see the chick he was cheating with, which was his teammates wife by the way, to know that Eva is ten thousand times hotter tan her. Like really, it’s Eva fucking Longoria. It’s just a Man Law, if you get a girl MILES out of your league, you lock her up and make sure you keep her, not cheat on her with some married woman. Good Lord I’m speechless. Eva, fuck Mario Lopez, if you need a shoulder to cry on hit me up.

Nicki Minaj kills it on David Letterman

It’s no secret that Nicki Minaj is a favorite of The Prime Cuts. She’s an absolute fox, she can rap better than any female that I’ve ever heard and she looks good in a green wig. Nicki went on David Letterman last night to promote her album Pink Friday that comes out on Monday. Here is her preformance of her recent single “Right Thru Me.” Hit the jump for some more Nicki.

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This Can’t Be Real Life, Can It?

Uhh, is that a joke? I’m guna find that pilot and make him follow me everywhere because he clearly has a horseshoe up his ass. Like this guy’s wing falls off and he’s plummeting to the ground and all of a sudden he fuckin flicks whatever joystick or steering wheel he has in the cockpit and lands like a feather on a pillow. This guy is either the best pilot in the universe or he keeps a garden of four leaf clovers in his cockpit or some shit. Good thing he picked that heads up penny that morning.


P.S. I love how this video is called “When It’s Not Your Time To Die,” like God‘s up there as he’s falling saying “Well he was pretty fucking stupid to get in that plane in the first place, but at least he’s got balls. I got you bro!” as the plane straightens out and touches down.

Thursday Throwback: Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Get your weekend of bad decisions started right with this banger from when you were a youngin. Let’s get it ladies and gents. And our apologies for our lack of posts today, thankfully the Orifice held us down with that fresh Pauly D mayhem. Our internet is shit right now so we can only post from one computer. So dry your tears and jam to this shit while you’re waiting on the edge of your seat for another post from The Prime Cuts. Get Some.