Douchbags trying to sound smart

So im in this bullshit online class where we have to talk to our classmate through these forums. What’s been pissing me off is that these douchbags try to use big words and sound so smart, but really your a fuckin retard. Heres a taste what what I have to deal with for the semester.

”I feel that at this point I feel as though Callaway should maintain their premium prices. At this point in time, although it might make sense to lower their price so as to maintain their market, I feel that people feel that Callaway is such a good product because they do have a premium price and therefore it is still viewed as a premium product.”

Like what are you saying, I know you are from Ghana and shit but come on just get to the point.

Now here is how a normal human speaks.  Guess who?

Yeah thats right the fuckin Godfather.

”I agree with your opinion about the industry over the next five years, however, do you think Callaway should continue to keep their prices at a premium, or should they lower them due to the recession and high unemployment levels?”

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