Stick To Dripping Sex Kim Kardashian

So I’m surfing the net and I find this song by Kim Kardashian. I’ve seen in the past week that she wants to start recording music. My initial reaction was projectile vomiting then I realized how bad could it be. Paris Hilton, and the plastic girl from the Hills did it. Then I came to my senses and I realized that hot girls that are famous for being hot should stick with what they know best. Making people’s ears bleed by singing isn’t gonna get you more attention. Kim Kardashian is smoking hot. She should close her mouth and stick to showing off that ass.


So according to Kim herself that is not her on that song. Either way though if Kim Kardashian ever starts signing my head will probably explode from her voice. They are gonna auto-tune the shit out of it anyway just like every new Britney Spears song.  If anything she needs to come out with a music video and I will put that shit on mute.

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