Top Ten: Hottest Female Sportscasters

Honorable Mentions:

Hannah Storm

Timeless hottness right here. If she didn’t have such stiff competition she’d crack the top ten easily. Storm is almost 50 she will easily be the hottest AARP card member.

10. Rachel Nichols

Something about Rachel Nichols just screams, “You can get it.” Don’t ask me what that something is though. Maybe it’s all that reporting in empty stadiums.

9. Charissa Thompson

Definitely the dark horse of the top ten. Those eyes say it all.

8. Jenn Brown

Jenn Brown being number 8 on this list just goes to show how stacked this lineup is. The bikini shot was the deal breaker. You win with skin!

7. Melissa Stark

What a face and from what I can see the bod to match. Total package.

6. Lindsay Soto

BOOBS. Oh, she’s got a nice face too, bonus! One pic is more than enough.

5. Michelle Beadle

Ah, Beads. Just an all American fox. What a way to start off the top 5. Yes Please!

4. Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews at number four?! Never thought I’d see the day, but then again I never thought I’d see the talent that makes up the top 3 either.

3. Jenn Sterger

Looking at these pics, I don’t blame Brett Favre. No harm in trying!

2. Ines Sainz

Ay Mami! Most valuable Ass of this top ten that’s for damn sure.

1. Heidi Watney

Boston’s own Heidi Watney holdin down the top spot. Calling her a fox doesn’t even do it justice, especially with all these other smokeshows in pursuit of the title. I don’t see Heidi dropping in the rankings any time soon either. She could be 50 years old I’d still be taking a cold shower after every Red Sox game NESN does.

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