The Gold Standard: Eliza Dushku

Introducing Eliza Dushku, many people know her from the original Bring It On and the New Guy, but thats not why we remember her.  She is an absolute fox.  I remember when I was 12, touching myself to her while she was jumping around in Bring It On.  I am sold that she is one of the only reasons that movie got any hype.  I have to admit that I did forget about her since she hasnt done anything the last few years but if she did, I would pay to see it.  So here is my attempt at rating Eliza Dushku, have we finally found our first dime?

Face: 3 Let me know i you can find a better looking face that this.  From here on out we will compare every chicks face to Eliza’s.  If you have an arguement against mine, I would love to fuckin hear it.

Ass: 2.7 Goddamn this is so fuckin sexy.  What a great ass.  I guess if I had to deducts points it would be for the size, but either way a 2.7 is a great score!

Tits: 1.8  Very similar to her ass, I had to take a few points off for size but holy shit everytime I go to look up a pic I am more and more confident that she is one of the hottest chicks out there.

Legs: 1.5 I like how she got all spray-tanned up for this one.  Her legs plus the heels plus that great ass equals one poster that I need to get up on my bedroom wall.

Torso: .5 Full Credit.  The picture doesnt lie.  I need to go beat off now.

Overall Rating: 9.5

2 thoughts on “The Gold Standard: Eliza Dushku

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