Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh Get Scrappy After the Game

San Francisco 49ers – Niner Insider Blog – SFGate.com » Harbaugh celebration ticks off Lions coach – Jim Harbaugh was elated after the 49ers 25-19 win. Harbaugh was leaping up and down and when he shook Lions’ head coach Jim Schwartz’s hand he slapped him on the back. Schwartz turned and snarled at Harbaugh, Schwartz chased him and then a skirmish ensued.”

What a debacle. Two teams that haven’t been on the right side of the scoreboard for countless seasons are finally doing well and they don’t know how to handle it. Harbaugh’s over here acting like he won the goddamn SuperBowl already and Schwartz is acting like a little girl who just got her dollhouse stomped by her older brother. Well now I can see why the Lions play the way they do, their coach is as scummy as they are. Take it down a notch bro it’s not like you’ve never done that. Harbaugh that was a weak showing but hey, I’ve been waiting to have the Lions put in their place so props to you big guy for stomping Jim Schwartz’s dollhouse.

3 thoughts on “Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh Get Scrappy After the Game

  1. Will the NFL be able to prevent future misunderstandings between head coaches by insisting on calm decorum after the game and by pulling the video of incident? Harbaugh was elated with his underdog teams victory. Schwartzy Baby is simply a sore loser.

  2. No, the NFL will not be able to prevent future misunderstandings between head coaches. They cant dictate what goes on after an emotional game like that. One that meant so much for both organizations after recent struggles in the last couple of seasons. But in a nutshell its Harbaugh’s first season in the NFL and has just experienced one of his bigger victories so it is expected as Josh Mcdaniels did when they beat the Patriots in 09. It happens to younger coaches. But yes Schwartz was being a pussy…

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