That Kid and Why I Hate Him

Does everyone know that stereotypical douche-bag faggot that goes to your school? Well at the main location of the The Prime Cutters, we have “That Kid” and of course we fucking hate him. You all know the kid I am talking about, the poser lax bro that thinks he looks good dressed in outlandish outfits wearing colors like pink and yellow and thinking it is acceptable and shows his masculinity. He tries to play lacrosse but of course hes so god damn nonathletic and useless that he doesn’t even come close to making the squad. Fuck that kid and everything about him. Who the fuck does he think he is even talking to me at any point in time. Do not step foot in my house and don’t even think about talking to me…ever, because frankly i don’t want to hear whatever stupid ass ignorant shit is about to come out of your mouth. So if you all know “That Kid” next time you see him, do us a favor here at The Prime Cuts and tell him to fuck off or my favorite saying Blow me. And for all of you who are in fact “That Kid” do us all a favor and leave me the fuck alone.

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