Theme Song Monday: Friends

Not m favorite show but the “Friends” theme song is a classic. The song is called “I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts. There needs to be more shows with classic songs. Theme songs today are just another reason to use the fast forward button.

Theme Song Monday: Nickelodeon Guts

Kids of the 90’s this was your American Galdiators. Knee boarding in a giant wave pool, slam dunking with a bungee cord on your back, and biking through a obstacle course this show literally reduced childhood obesity. I just wish that I could grab a piece of the Aggro Crag.

Be sure to check out this “Super Aggro Crag” battle on the Global Version of Guts

Theme Song Monday: Full House

You’re lying if you say this song wasn’t immediately stuck in your head after listening to it. Just an absolute classic. If this theme song doesn’t put you in a great mood on a shitty Monday I don’t know what will. What a reminder of the good old days when John Stamos had a mullet, Dave Coulier was funny, Bob Saget was…uh…doing drugs (nothing’s changed there), Jodie Sweetin wasn’t doing drugs (yet), and the Olsen twins were innocent little angels. Oh and by the way Candace Cameron is now wicked hot, wicked religious, and married to hockey star Pavel Bure‘s brother. Ah the 90’s, those were the days.

Theme Song Monday: Happy Days

The All-American television program, Happy Days features an outstanding theme song. Obviously  everyone remembers “Fonzie” but Ron Howard Ron Howard who has directed such films as Cinderella Man and Apollo 13 also was a star. This show also gave birth to “The Church of the Fonz” from Family Guy.

Theme Song Monday: The Proud Family

You know when you have Destiny’s Child doing your theme song its gonna be hot. I don’t think that Beyonce would have ever watched The Proud Family because honestly the show sucked. Theme song was fire. Enjoy!

Theme Song Monday: Saved By The Bell

Even though I hate Screech (Dustin Diamond) the Saved By the Bell theme song is awesome.  Kelly Kapowski that name sends chills down my spine. Zach Morris was so lucky to even get a whiff of Kelly’s angelic sent.  This show was awesome to say the least but I never knew that Screech would turn into such a douche in real life. Anyway enjoy the theme song.