I Need This Shirt ASAP

 How fucking awesome is this shirt? If I had this shit I’d wear it around all the time and when someone says “Dude, your dick is out,” I’d look them in the eye and say “That’s my shirt, it’s a scaled down version, get at me.” Just rock out with my cock out all day.

Want to shit your pants and then scare a friend?

Just click on this link, steal the bros lollipop by clicking on it, press allow and enjoy.
Don’t pussy out because it says allow. It doesn’t post anything to your Facebook or screw anything up. http://www.takethislollipop.com/

Its a little Halloween sketchiness to get the festivities started. Highly recommended to have those paranoid friends of yours do. Or your relatives that are new to Facebook that will absolutely take this seriously and start freaking out. When I first did it I nearly shat my skimpies at the advancement in technology that allowed this. Happy Halloweek everyone. Let the drinking and girls with no clothes begin. Cause we got Sluts, on sluts, on slutttss.

Samuel L. Jackson Joins Twitter With A Bang

What a god damn tweet. Samuel L. just bursting on the Twitter scene taking no prisoners. He’s the master of all masters, the boss of all bosses. Just an absolute badass in everything he does, Twitter, movies, he even narrates a children’s book like a boss. Samuel L Jackson just got bumped up to my new favorite actor. If you don’t follow this guy (and us!) on Twitter after this you have no soul. Oh, and to answer your question Samuel L….yes, a muh fukka can say fuck on here.




The Cuts is Back and Flyer than Ever

So in the spirit of our second go at The Prime Cuts, we decided to give the site a new look. We got a new site layout and a new logo, and we’re back better than ever, fly as hell. Now the comeback is complete, more Fuck You Fridays, Gold Standards, Jams of the Week, and general smut than ever before. Thanks to Pete Blackburn of The Nosebleeds for the fresh new logo. Enjoy bitches.

Facebook is changing again…but this might actually be cool.

So, Facebook is at it again. They plan to unveil a completely new setup for your profiles. They want it to act as a timeline of our lives and hope to evolve Facebook to the point where you get one when you are born. Kind of cool, kind of crazy, kind of scared to know what the females will do with their time now that their is no need to scrap book anymore. Anyways, its not going to change October 15th,  but you can actually get it now.

What I have found is that if the Developer doesnt pop up right away just click “view all results” and its the second or third one down. Just hit Go to App.

Oh Yeah We Back

Well, after a long absence, The Prime Cuts is makin a comeback. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, the boys are back with a vengeance. We got some new writers, new theme songs, new ladies to be subjected to the Gold Standard, and more people to say fuck you to on Fridays. So buckle your seat belts kids the boys are back.