Top Ten: Ja Rule Songs of All Time

Before 50 Cent ran Ja Rule’s name through the mud he was one of the most popular artists in music. Ja’s street cred was challenged by 50 Cent as well as his singing on the chorus of songs. The funny thing about 50 Cent making fun of Ja Rule singing in his songs is that 50 Cent started to sing in his songs. Even though no one was a Ja Rule fan after his beef with 50 you can’t help but think years later Ja Rule was on a bevy of hot tracks. He was responsible for Ashanti and Jennifer Lopez (J. Lo) blowing up. His acting career was terrible but he was one of the first rappers to have a acting career. Ja Rule’s past couple years haven’t been the best. He was sentenced to 28 months in prison for tax evasion and his album Pain is Love 2 was pushed back yet again to January 17th. Nevertheless Ja Rule was a hit maker, here are his top ten songs of all time.

Thumbs Down: 50 Cent showing off $2 million in a Lamborghini

Ok 50 Cent I understand that you are paid. I understand that you haven’t had a relevant album since The Massacre. I understand that every movie you’ve been in sucks. Do you have nothing to do besides moving your money into the trunk of a car. I have a great idea. Put it into a bank or something collect some interest. Instead of playing with your money how about you go make some good music.