The Gold Standard: Sofia Vergara

There is no doubt that Sofia Vergara makes Modern Family much more enjoyable to watch but how does she stack up to The Gold Standard. Sofia has taken the mainstream by storm and she is a solidified smoke show. She has one of the best bodies out there and it helps that she has a feisty Columbian accent.  There is nothing better than a little latin flavor to brighten your hump day.

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No Days Off…Again

For those who noticed that this is a repeat title, every Saturday I’m posting a No Days Off post to get wild to. So suck it up and bob your head to this blast from the past that explains exactly what I’m guna be doing tonight. Bouncing Off the Ceiling by the A*Teens. If you don’t like this song, fill a sock with padlocks, give it to a friend and tell them to wail on you with it.

P.S. Where the hell did they find these kids? I feel like they brought a couple Barbie and ken dolls to life and programmed them to sing, kind of like I just programmed that blonde into the old spank bank.