What Happened?: Britney Spears

Britney. Britney. Britney. We all know that you went batshit crazy. May I be the one to say that I miss the old school girl Britney. Not the slampig that she has become. What the fuck happens in your brain that you want to decide to shave your head. I liked the comeback attempt but come on Britney. You aren’t pumping out jams like “Crazy,” “Opps…I Did It Again” or “Lucky.” (See Below) Everyone misses the old Britney. I am now convinced that Justin Timberlake has magical powers. He made fucking Jessica Biel a star and ever since he gave Britney the pink slip she crashed faster than the economy. ┬áCan Justin Timberlake screw Britney Spears again and can we get some good music again please.

Come Back!!!!


(You Drive Me) Crazy

Oops….I Did It Again