Fuck You Friday: Tony Romo

Sorry I didn’t post this on Friday, I had a real busy day filled with skipping classes and getting drunk. But at this point after watching five weeks of football, I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving of a nice fuck you than Tony Romo. I mean come on man, if you’re going to date the finest females in the celebrity world (Jessica Simpson and Candice Crawford), you gotta back it up on the field. I’m sick and tired of hearing everyone giving this vag the benefit of the doubt for his shit performance and choke-shows on the football field. Maybe he should take notes from Tom Brady, guy has a kid with Bridget Moynahan, then decides he would rather date the hottest supermodel in the game Gisele Bündchen, wifes her up, all the while tearing it up as the best quarterback in the NFL. Listen Tony, if you’re guna date smokes, you gotta have the stones to back it up, and judging by your horrendous performance, you ain’t got em. So, in conclusion, fuck you Tony Romo, fuck you.

Really NY Giants? Really?

Photo Courtesy of FailBlog

“The New Meadowlands Stadium experienced two power outages in the 3rd quarter of tonight’s game,” a statement issued by stadium said. “Power was lost when one of the two feeders to the stadium experienced a power interruption.”

The stadium then started taking power from the second feeder, the statement said.

“A second power interruption occurred to the second feeder causing a full outage,” the statement said. “Functionality to the original feeder was restored and we are now receiving power though that feeder.”

“We are currently investigating the original cause of the interruption,” the statement said.

via Blackout brings Giants-Cowboys game to brief halt – CNN.com.

So let me get this straight, the NEW Meadowloands Stadium, you know the 1.6 Billion one, lost power during the Cowboys Giants game? Maybe I’m missing something here, but don’t multi-billion dollar stadiums have, I don’t know, backup power? Like this article says that one generator shit the bed, then a minute later the whole stadium is pitch black. Fans were going crazy getting in fights with each other, and the players hit the deck like it was a terrorist attack or something. I guess turning the lights off is the new international signal for start a riot. Grow up America.
I wonder how many hot girls were groped by creepy old men and 8-year-old boys during the blackout. I think I’m guna look for some statistics on that.