Saturday Morning Wake-Up: Where are You Going, Dave Matthews Band

So I’m starting a new segment, the Saturday Morning wake-up. Just a song to help get your drunk ass out of bed and make something out of your life after a long, intoxicated Friday night. And yes I know it’s 2:30 in the afternoon, if you wake up before noon on a Saturday morning you’re not doing it right. Now for the inaugural Saturday Morning Wake-Up: Where are You Going by Dave Matthews Band. Enjoy bitches.

PS mad props to Mr. Deeds in this video. I might have to watch that movie now.

George W. Bush is pissed

Now that George W. Bush is out of office he can say whatever the hell he wants. I guess he really did get pissed when Kanye West said he didn’t care about black people. The look on his face is priceless. He looks like he’s gonna turn into the Incredible Hulk and rip the table in half when he is asked about it. I honestly think that “W” wants to kill Kanye if he ever meets him. George W. Bush has 2 things on his mind for the rest of his life drinking as much Jack Daniels as he can and killing Kanye West.