Fuck You Friday: Tony Parker

I was having a real hard time deciding who to do for Fuck You Friday today, until I came across this article that Eva Longoria filed for divorce from Tony Parker. Now that part is whatever, but as I’m scanning the article I see that HE FUCKING CHEATED ON HER. Like are you kidding me Tony Parker? You do know that you’re married to the Eva Longoria, right? You know, the goddess of a woman that’s been a spank bank staple for boys and men across the globe for decades? The Desperate Housewife that keeps the show alive with her bangin body and angel face? Jesus Tony figure it the fuck out. I don’t even need to see the chick he was cheating with, which was his teammates wife by the way, to know that Eva is ten thousand times hotter tan her. Like really, it’s Eva fucking Longoria. It’s just a Man Law, if you get a girl MILES out of your league, you lock her up and make sure you keep her, not cheat on her with some married woman. Good Lord I’m speechless. Eva, fuck Mario Lopez, if you need a shoulder to cry on hit me up.