I Need This Shirt ASAP

 How fucking awesome is this shirt? If I had this shit I’d wear it around all the time and when someone says “Dude, your dick is out,” I’d look them in the eye and say “That’s my shirt, it’s a scaled down version, get at me.” Just rock out with my cock out all day.

Video: Momma’s Got a Boot

And the extra point is good by Senora. Seriously though, nothing like a getting your ass whooped in a fight and have mommy come save you. Sad thing is this kid stood up like he actually did something. No, you were getting you face smashed in until Gostkowski‘s maid walked to the line and punted your opponents head through the up rights. Someone get her a contract.

Video: Why Dogs are Awesome

Now, this is why dogs are above all other animals we humans let into our lives. Talk about never leaving a down soldier behind. No fear and all bravery. You won’t see a fucking cat go after his bro when he’s hit by a car. No, he’ll cough up a fur ball, lick his cock, and wish him good next 8 lives. Just love this video, nothing like real world evidence to prove that your always right. Dog’s rule and cats suck.

P.S.:  Fish are alright.

Scene of the Week–Trade Rape

In the spirit of football season and the beginning of third season of one of the all time best shows, The League, we thought here at The Prime Cuts that this would be a good idea to start off the new tradition of scene of the week. Now because I am a patriots fan and I fucking hate the Jets I figured a scene about Plaxico “Cheddar Bob” Burress would be a great post due to his shitty play against the Patriots last sunday. Hope you enjoy…

So That’s All You Have to do to Meet Nicki Minaj?

Call me insensitive, but are you kidding me with this shit? This little girl dresses up and makes a video of her and her friend singing Superbass by Nicki Minaj, and next thing she knows she’s on the Ellen DeGeneres show singing it with the hottest female rapper around. Shit if this is all it takes I’ll dress up in a princess dress and toss on a tiara while jamming out to Nicki and I’ll know all the words too. YouTube here we come!

By the way, what’s with this dude balling his eyes out? Hope he saved some tissues for when he watched The Notebook later that night.

I gotta hand it to her though, she is pretty damn adorable. Hey, I have a heart too ya know!

Antelope Shows its Tackling Skills

Listen I know this video has been on a bunch of different other sites already but I don’t give a shit this needs to be shared everywhere it can be. This antelope is a monster, just holdin it down in the savannah, showing every biker who thinks he’s hot shit that this is his house. Slap a Bears jersey on this guy and put him next to Brian Urlacher and he’d fit right in. Nobody bikes through this guy’s spot without payin the toll. This four-legged linebacker puts Terrible Terry Tate to shame.

You must be outta yo mind son!

If You Don’t Laugh at This, You Have No Soul

This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long ass time. Nothing better than two old ladies just bein old jammin out to the Black Eyed Peas on Photobooth. They’re so amazed by this shit you’d think they just discovered fire or some shit. It’s almost like when the song starts they’re timid about it trying to test it out like a dog smells something before it eats it, but then the chorus kicks in and they just start bumpin. The don’t have a care in the world other than that the camera makes them look ridiculous, and they fucking love it. Get me these old ladies I’d love to go to a rave with them or some shit.

P.S. the lady on the right’s dance moves are epic. She reminds me of that bird that jams to Another one bites the dust. Somebody arrange a dance-off between these two, my money’s on the lady, she’s years ahead of this thing.

This Lady Would Put Chuck-E-Cheese Out of Business

Two things I love about this video. One, this lady steps up, racks up 256 points without missing in one minute, and walks away like she fuckin owns the place. Then the idiot watching in amazement steps up after she leaves like he’s guna be able to make one, let alone touch her record. This lady could buy the toys at the fuckin top shelf with all those tickets she just earned.