Fuck You Friday: Cleveland, Ohio

Now everyone and their mother hates LeBron, including myself, which is why I was so excited for the Heat Cavs game on Thursday. There was so much, hype, they even beefed up security like the fuckin president was coming to Cleveland. And after all the hype, death threats, what have you, Cleveland tucks their tail between their legs and let’s LeBron ravage them from start to finish. That’s how you know that Cleveland doesn’t deserve any sports teams. Like are you really guna let some douche embarrass your entire city, and then come back and do it again on the court? Better believe shit like that wouldn’t go down in Boston, he’d be assassinated before he got to the Garden. Gimme a break. Like did you think the boos in the intro were enough? It’s LeBron fucking James, the guy lives off hatred, he’s like Hades of some shit. The city of Cleveland is like that short skinny kid that always talks shit when the huge kid isn’t there, but when the huge kid comes around, the skinny kid is quiet as a mouse. And it’s not even worth it to mention their excuse for a basketball team, the most physical they were with Queen James was the huge hug each one of them gave him before the game like he was their boy or something. Cleveland sucks so much LeBron had to leave his own hometown just so he can come back and embarrass it. And so, Cleveland throws its white flag up to LeBron, and will cower in a corner until the next opportunity they have to boo him from afar. Cowards.

Fuck You Friday: LeBron James

Okay so I was originally not going to do LeBron for Fuck You Friday, but then as I’m watching ESPN I see LeBron whining because he’s playing TOO MANY MINUTES. Are you fucking kidding me? You act like your team change is a fucking CNN story and now you’re playing too much? Sack up LeBron, stop crying because your playing too much basketball. Hike up your skirt, get out there, and start producing some “W”s like you said this off-season. I’m sorry but I’m sure if you asked Kobe Bryant he’d say he’s not playing enough. Kobe pisses 44 fuckin minutes, he’d play the whole damn game if Phil Jackson let him. Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce would die on the court if they could take the last shot or get that game winning assist. So you take a seat on your padded chair on the bench LeBron, you must be winded from all that talk you can’t back up. Let the big boys play, you catch your breath while the Celts run you up and down the court. Grow up, kid.