Nicki Minaj kills it on David Letterman

It’s no secret that Nicki Minaj is a favorite of The Prime Cuts. She’s an absolute fox, she can rap better than any female that I’ve ever heard and she looks good in a green wig. Nicki went on David Letterman last night to promote her album Pink Friday that comes out on Monday. Here is her preformance of her recent single “Right Thru Me.” Hit the jump for some more Nicki.

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Club Can’t Handle India Right Noww

Yo Orifice checkin in for the first time bringin you an array of shit from things that piss me off to things that make  me giggle. Obviously, its hard to keep the focus on my words when you got  Bollywood Hollywood above me tearin shit up. At one point this kid was trying so fucking hard to keep up I  thought he might pass out haha I mean buddy atleast prepare your lungs if your gonna take on such a song. Either way I’m proud of him for trying. Have a good weekend ribeyes. Peace

PS. Don’t know about you fools, but does he not resemble Mowgli from the Jungle Book…..