Really Mila Kunis? Really?

I’m sorry but are you fucking kidding me Mila Kunis? Of all the dudes you had lining up just to catch a whiff of your essence, you land on Macaulay goddamn Culkin. I could go on for hours about how much of a fuck this kid is. And I say kid because he’ll always be the eight year old from Home Alone in my eyes. Like not only did she pick the male version of the Olsen twins, but she’s planning a wedding with this creep. And it’s not like she’s dating him for his personality because let’s be honest his sanity went out the window the second he entered the Neverland Ranch. He better have like a 20 inch dick because there is literally no other reason anyone would come within 50 yards of this gremlin. So fuck you very much Macaulay Culkin for ruining one of my top ten spank bank celebs.
Okay this picture kind of makes me feel a little better. I feel like this picture was taken as a message from her to all guys like me, saying “You don’t really think I like this crazy right? I’m just here for the cash.” So thank you for this Mila, now I can sleep at night. Welcome back to the ‘bank.