This Can’t Be Real Life, Can It?

Uhh, is that a joke? I’m guna find that pilot and make him follow me everywhere because he clearly has a horseshoe up his ass. Like this guy’s wing falls off and he’s plummeting to the ground and all of a sudden he fuckin flicks whatever joystick or steering wheel he has in the cockpit and lands like a feather on a pillow. This guy is either the best pilot in the universe or he keeps a garden of four leaf clovers in his cockpit or some shit. Good thing he picked that heads up penny that morning.


P.S. I love how this video is called “When It’s Not Your Time To Die,” like God‘s up there as he’s falling saying “Well he was pretty fucking stupid to get in that plane in the first place, but at least he’s got balls. I got you bro!” as the plane straightens out and touches down.