Thursday Throwback: Gettin Jiggy With It

Hold on to your seats boys and girls, this one’s fire. What other way is there to get your weekend started than gettin jiggy all over the place? Well I’ll tell you, there isn’t one. If your not in your dorm rooms gettin jiggy all over a member of the opposite sex tonight, we didn’t do our job. Let’s start the weekend off Big Willie Style with Gettin’ Jiggy With It by Will Smith. What a classic, Will Smith needs to call up DJ Jazzy Jeff and get back on the mic. Is there anything Will Smith isn’t great at?

P.S. It’s Foghorn Leghorn’s birthday today, better believe we’re gettin jiggy with it. Hopefully we’ll have some great footage of it too, we’ll keep you posted.

No Days Off

Most blogs quit after Friday, but not The Prime Cuts. Wherever there’s something to complain about, The Prime Cuts is all over it. Whenever someone needs something to bob their head to at their pre-game party, The Prime Cuts will be there. Which is why we post jams every day of the weekend. This one’s been playing in my car nonstop for like five days. Gimme That Nut by Eazy E.

Weekend Tune: Eminem – Without Me

If there was any song that says “Fuck You” its Without Me. (And yes I’ve listened to Cee-Lo’s “Fuck You” way to many times this week to post it.) So stick your middle fingers in the air and wave them in the air.  Raise hell this weekend ladies and gents.