Really Carnival Cruises? Really?

Carnival Splendor being towed to Mexico after being left powerless b/c of a fire

SAN DIEGO – A cruise ship stranded offshore with 4,500 passengers and crew must be towed slowly into a Mexican port and will not arrive until at least Wednesday night, the Coast Guard said Tuesday.

The Carnival Splendor was 200 miles south of San Diego when an engine room fire cut its power early Monday, according to a statement from Miami-based Carnival Cruise Lines.

via Nearly 4,500 stranded on cruise ship off Mexico – Yahoo! News.

So let me get this straight, a massive multi-million dollar cruise ship has one little fire and all of a sudden has no power whatsoever? I’m sorry but isn’t it like engineering 101 to have at least a backup power source? Or just don’t put fire hazards near the box marked “power”? So now all the little kids on this boat have to drift for two days til they get to Mexico with all this awesome cruise shit around them and they can’t even play with it? That’s just not right. And on top of that, once they get to Mexico, they have to ride a bus 50 miles through the desert to get back to the U.S. border. Yeah pile everyone and all their valuables and luggage and money into a few busses and send them into the badlands, that’ll go off without a hitch! It’s only a matter of time before a hoard of Mexican Pirate/Drug Smugglers take over the busses and pillage to their hearts’ content. They’ll probably make the people do human cockfighting or some shit too just for shits and gigs. Carnival’s really got their shit together huh?

The best part of this whole debacle is that Carnival, in addition to refunding everyone’s money, is giving the passengers a free cruise in the future. Like oh okay let me just take work off and grab all my shit and hop on another million dollar fire hazard and be tossed on another Mexican Deathbus and be human cock fighters for the Mexican Drug Cartel, what’s the worst that could happen? Gotta love the compassion of Carnival Cruise Lines.