Saturday Morning Wake-Up: Where are You Going, Dave Matthews Band

So I’m starting a new segment, the Saturday Morning wake-up. Just a song to help get your drunk ass out of bed and make something out of your life after a long, intoxicated Friday night. And yes I know it’s 2:30 in the afternoon, if you wake up before noon on a Saturday morning you’re not doing it right. Now for the inaugural Saturday Morning Wake-Up: Where are You Going by Dave Matthews Band. Enjoy bitches.

PS mad props to Mr. Deeds in this video. I might have to watch that movie now.

No Days Off

Most blogs quit after Friday, but not The Prime Cuts. Wherever there’s something to complain about, The Prime Cuts is all over it. Whenever someone needs something to bob their head to at their pre-game party, The Prime Cuts will be there. Which is why we post jams every day of the weekend. This one’s been playing in my car nonstop for like five days. Gimme That Nut by Eazy E.