The Gold Standard: Eliza Dushku

Introducing Eliza Dushku, many people know her from the original Bring It On and the New Guy, but thats not why we remember her.  She is an absolute fox.  I remember when I was 12, touching myself to her while she was jumping around in Bring It On.  I am sold that she is one of the only reasons that movie got any hype.  I have to admit that I did forget about her since she hasnt done anything the last few years but if she did, I would pay to see it.  So here is my attempt at rating Eliza Dushku, have we finally found our first dime?

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Nicki Minaj is Looking Good

Well it doesn’t take a sane man to think that Nicki Minaj is a dime piece. These recent pics only add to the legend. She is stacked like some IHOP pancakes. Pink Friday come on on November 22. More pictures if you turn the page.

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