What Just Happened?: ESPN pulls Hank Williams Jr.’s “Are You Ready for Some Football”

How can ESPN pull “Are you ready for some football” the song and music video are America. All because Hank Williams Jr. was hammered on Fox News. The first seconds of the video he is trying to lay the mack down on the female host. Then he looks like he wants to tell one of the other hosts to “go fuck himself.” Hank bleeds America. The American way is to speak your mind. Celebrities can’t say anything now without the media going crazy. ESPN pulled a song that has been synonymous with Monday Night Football since 1991.   I have to say ESPN is coming out of this situation like a bunch of cowards. Having the song be the intro to Monday Night Football does not mean that ESPN supports Hank’s views. This is a cover your ass move by ESPN and it is the wrong one. Hank Williams Jr. is just speaking his mind and he didn’t even have to apologize. All he did was make politics interesting for a couple days. “Are You Ready for Some Football” needs to be put back on the air.

This is the most American video aside from every Toby Keith video ever.

Hank Williams Jr. – Are You Ready for Some Football

Theme Song Monday: The Proud Family

You know when you have Destiny’s Child doing your theme song its gonna be hot. I don’t think that Beyonce would have ever watched The Proud Family because honestly the show sucked. Theme song was fire. Enjoy!

Run For Cover, Lady GaGa has a Christmas Song

Well, the end of the world is officially upon us. For those of you thinking that this is guna be like another Mariah Carey singing All I Want For Christmas is You, you should probably get off this page now. Leave it to Lady Gaga to defile the name of Christmas and all that is holy. I’m pretty sure this is not guna be on the setlist when I go out caroling. But what can you really expect from someone that wears a dress made of meat? Well, nothing to do now but “Falalalalalalalala.”

Theme Song Monday: Saved By The Bell

Even though I hate Screech (Dustin Diamond) the Saved By the Bell theme song is awesome.  Kelly Kapowski that name sends chills down my spine. Zach Morris was so lucky to even get a whiff of Kelly’s angelic sent.  This show was awesome to say the least but I never knew that Screech would turn into such a douche in real life. Anyway enjoy the theme song.

Stick To Dripping Sex Kim Kardashian

So I’m surfing the net and I find this song by Kim Kardashian. I’ve seen in the past week that she wants to start recording music. My initial reaction was projectile vomiting then I realized how bad could it be. Paris Hilton, and the plastic girl from the Hills did it. Then I came to my senses and I realized that hot girls that are famous for being hot should stick with what they know best. Making people’s ears bleed by singing isn’t gonna get you more attention. Kim Kardashian is smoking hot. She should close her mouth and stick to showing off that ass.


So according to Kim herself that is not her on that song. Either way though if Kim Kardashian ever starts signing my head will probably explode from her voice. They are gonna auto-tune the shit out of it anyway just like every new Britney Spears song.  If anything she needs to come out with a music video and I will put that shit on mute.