Friday Jam of the Week: Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan

This song bumps so hard. If this isn’t a rager song I don’t know what is. All I picture when I listen to this song is a packed party with scantily clad ladies grinding their shit on other dudes’ shit. Can’t get much better than that. I guarantee this song will stay stuck in your head until you pass out tonight. Happy raging.

Thursday Throwback: Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Get your weekend of bad decisions started right with this banger from when you were a youngin. Let’s get it ladies and gents. And our apologies for our lack of posts today, thankfully the Orifice held us down with that fresh Pauly D mayhem. Our internet is shit right now so we can only post from one computer. So dry your tears and jam to this shit while you’re waiting on the edge of your seat for another post from The Prime Cuts. Get Some.