Theme Song Monday: Saved By The Bell

Even though I hate Screech (Dustin Diamond) the Saved By the Bell theme song is awesome.  Kelly Kapowski that name sends chills down my spine. Zach Morris was so lucky to even get a whiff of Kelly’s angelic sent.  This show was awesome to say the least but I never knew that Screech would turn into such a douche in real life. Anyway enjoy the theme song.

Thumbs Down: 50 Cent showing off $2 million in a Lamborghini

Ok 50 Cent I understand that you are paid. I understand that you haven’t had a relevant album since The Massacre. I understand that every movie you’ve been in sucks. Do you have nothing to do besides moving your money into the trunk of a car. I have a great idea. Put it into a bank or something collect some interest. Instead of playing with your money how about you go make some good music.