Top Ten: Best Modern Love Making Songs

Back in day singers like Marvin Gaye and ¬†Barry White would make ladies want it more than a fat kid wanting a McRib. Now that we are one decade into the 2000’s love songs have been a rarity. There are no more classics like “Sexual Healing” or “Let’s Get It On” or “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love.” Now instead we have “DJ Got us Fallin’ in Love” and “Right Now (Na Na).” No one wants to go in the bedroom when bass bumping, auto-tuned anthems. It is hard to find a good modern day love song and there are few artists that set the mood. One artist, Trey Songz could have all 10 spots on the list but that wouldn’t be fair.

#10 Usher Feat. Alicia Keys – My Boo

#9 Mike Posner – Halo

#8 Craig David – 7 Days

#7 Chris Brown – Take You Down

#6 The Dream – Falsetto

#5 Joe – I Wanna Know

#4 Lloyd Feat. Ashanti – South Side

#3 Justin Timberlake – Until The End of Time

#2 Ludacris Feat. Trey Songz – Sex Room

#1 Trey Songz – Neighbors Know My Name


What Happened?: Britney Spears

Britney. Britney. Britney. We all know that you went batshit crazy. May I be the one to say that I miss the old school girl Britney. Not the slampig that she has become. What the fuck happens in your brain that you want to decide to shave your head. I liked the comeback attempt but come on Britney. You aren’t pumping out jams like “Crazy,” “Opps…I Did It Again” or “Lucky.” (See Below) Everyone misses the old Britney. I am now convinced that Justin Timberlake has magical powers. He made fucking Jessica Biel a star and ever since he gave Britney the pink slip she crashed faster than the economy. ¬†Can Justin Timberlake screw Britney Spears again and can we get some good music again please.

Come Back!!!!


(You Drive Me) Crazy

Oops….I Did It Again