Samuel L. Jackson Joins Twitter With A Bang

What a god damn tweet. Samuel L. just bursting on the Twitter scene taking no prisoners. He’s the master of all masters, the boss of all bosses. Just an absolute badass in everything he does, Twitter, movies, he even narrates a children’s book like a boss. Samuel L Jackson just got bumped up to my new favorite actor. If you don’t follow this guy (and us!) on Twitter after this you have no soul. Oh, and to answer your question Samuel L….yes, a muh fukka can say fuck on here.




Kanye’s Next Victim: Matt Lauer

Kanye was trying to send Bush an apology years after calling him a racist, but Matt Lauer plays “the taylor swift incident” in the meantime. What will he do next. Call lauer a racist. Interrupt his show with a bottle of hennesy telling him that The View is a better show than USA Today? Or will he come up with something new to make himself an even more hated man.

Following the interview, Kanye tweeted:

“Yo I really wonder if Matt Lauer thought that shit was cool to play the “MTV” clip will I was speaking about Bush?”